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We recently were contacted by someone who was seriously injured on a water tube being towed by a motor boat. According to the injured party he told the operator of the boat to slow down several times but the boat did not slow down. Then, on a sharp turn the tube flipped over and the injured person’s armed got tangled in the tow rope and he sustained a serious injury to his arm including fracture, dislocation, lacerations, etc.

Do I have a case? Because we are one of the most experienced personal injury firms in our area this is a question we are often asked. We are always willing to take the caller through the details of the claim and explain whether there is a valid personal injury claim that can be made.

The answer to the above example is: It depends. I know, a typical lawyer answer but the truth is there is not enough information in the given facts to determine whether the driver of the boat may be liable for the injuries. For example, did the driver hear the injured person tell him to slow down the boat? How fast was the boat going? Was it so fast that it created an unreasonalbe risk of danger? Should the operator have known that making a sharp turn might flip the tube. What was the relationship between the parties? Were they just friends or was it a commercial enterprise that made money by towing people on tubes. If the latter case, then there may be a heightened responsibility to take precautions. These are the details we will take the caller through and then advise whether there is a valid personal injury claim. If there is and because the injuries are serious this is the kind of claim my firm will take.

All this points out that anyone with a potential personal injury claim should only contact an experienced personal injury attorney. If you or a loved one is seriously injured and may have a personal injury claim, choosing the right personal injury law firm to represent you may be one of the most important decsions you ever make.

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