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The focus of our firm is personal injury law and the protection of citizen’s rights over the careless and sometimes reckless conduct of others. We are especially interested in large corporations and the medical industry that think they can use their clout to pass laws that disadvantage the average person from seeking legal recourse against them.

The newly proposed federal legislation entitled the 2007 Fairness in Arbitration Act will give citizens back some of their rights to fair and equitable treatment against big business. These rights have been systematically reduced over the past years by a federal government more interested in serving the desires of big business than protecting the average American, especially personal injury victims. For more about this proposed legislation go to People Over Profits, Grass Roots Action Center. Then contact your senators and congressman to voice your support for this new law. For the time being this country is still a democracy and your voice counts.

Arbitration is a legal mechanism that resolves disputes between parties outside of a court of law. Some contracts and laws require arbitration as a remedy. This proposed law will do a lot to level the playing field when average Americans, including personal injury victims are forced into arbitration against employers, insurance companies and other powerful interests. For more information about arbitration and the rights of average Americans see the Give Me Back My Rights coalition. Make no mistake lobbyists are hard at work to buy government influence at the expense of the average American, especially personal injury victims. Learn how to help take back our legal system.

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