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Personal Injury Claims Are Made By Injury Victims Regardless Of Their Political Views

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Some people have the mistaken impression that a personal injury victim’s decision about whether to make a claim is greatly influenced by their politics. According to this school of thought liberals are likely to bring lawsuits if they are injured by another’s negligence, but conservatives are not.

My own experience is that people who have suffered serious injuries and resulting financial losses are likely to seek justice no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. This only makes sense because our right to try a civil case to a jury is guaranteed in our constitution; a document revered by both liberals and conservatives. Interestingly, Judge Robert Bork, a notably conservative judge who was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Reagan recently filed a personal injury suit against the Yale Club of New York. Judge Bork was mounting a podium to give a speech when he fell and suffered a serious injury. The lesson from this is that even a judge who had been critical of personal injury suits during his time on the bench did not hesitate to bring his own lawsuit when he himself was injured. The following site contains the complaint filed by Judge Bork: