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Motorcycle Rider Tragically Injured Due to Negligence

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In July a motorcylcist was serious injured and suffered parapeligia when an inattentive driver’s vehicle struck his motorcycle. According to press reports the driver was distracted by an unruly dog in her vehicle. Thjis tragic bit of negligence has led to a young man losing the use of his legs.

The real tragedy is that careless accidents like this can easily be avoided. A motor vehicle can be a lethal weapon. When driving one it should be treated with all the care and caution one would give a loaded gun. As personal injury lawyers we see too many of these types of cases. While we can make sure that the vicitm and the victim’s family recover all the monetary compensation available through insurance and other sources this is a hollow victory in the face of the tragic injury.

According to news reports the driver of the vehicle, Ashley L. Ellis has been charged with felony gross operation of a motor vehicle. Charges like ths can carry serious criminal penalties including time in prison.

The real lesson here is confirmation of that old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” If only Ms. Ellis exercised a little more caution when driving her vehicle this tragedy could have been avoided.

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