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Automobile Accident Victims Are Entitled To Receive Damages For Loss Of Life's Enjoyment

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When someone is injured in an automobile accident through the fault of another some of their losses are obvious. Medical bills, future medical expenses and lost wages fit into this clear cut category.

However, an accident victim is also entitled to recover for the loss of capacity to enjoy life the way he or she had prior to the accident. This means that if the injured person can no longer enjoy the same hobbies or life style he or she did before the accident they are entitled to recover money for this.

In order for a lawyer to understand and accurately present an injury victim’s claim for loss of life’s enjoyment, the lawyer must truly get to know the person he is representing. This requires a time commitment many lawyers are unwilling to make. At my firm, we do take the time to get to know our clients so we can fully understand all their losses. For more information on loss of life’s enjoyment or hedonic damages see the following sites:



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