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Wal-Mart Removed Toxic Doggie Treats From Shelves

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The Associated Press reported that amidst venting of complaints from consumers about dog treats that made their pets ill, the retail chain has tidily pulled the doggie treats from shelves without announcing a formal recall.

Wal Mart removed Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Jerky, both imports of China, from shelves, on July 26, according to reports. As a further safeguard to the public, Wal Mart initiated a computerized block on all sales of these items at all in-store cash registers. This was undertaken to allow the giant retailer some time to conduct testing on these products to determine the root of the problem.

This pet strips ‘quiet’ recall follows the massive Menu foods debacle in which there were reported at least 14 animal deaths due to kidney failure as a result of consuming pet food contaminated with melamine.

For more information on this subject matter, please refer to the section on Defective and Dangerous Products.