Vermont, Vermont


Rob Curtiss

Who Is Bashing Trial Lawyers

I’m the first to admit that I sometimes laugh at lawyer jokes. Like the one about the attorney who fell out of the ocean liner only to be thrown back aboard by sharks out of “professional courtesy.” But I think that the lawyer bashing that has taken place over the past several years has been driven by something more than humor. Many in the business and insurance communities have an agenda that…

Ed Van Dorn

Industrial Accidents

Did you know that every year, 4.7 workers per hundred receive serious on the job injuries. The US Dept of Labor keeps these statistics. The US House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor would like to change this. But it takes time to pass legislation. Meanwhile workers are being unnecessarily killed and injured. The civil justice system in our country provides for injured and…

Chrissie Cole

Vermont Delays New Workers Comp Rehab Rules Temporarily

Vermont Labor Department has delayed plans to change the way injured workers are evaluated for workers’ comp claims.Stephen Monahan, director of the Workers Compensation and Safety Division, on Wednesday asked the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Committee to delay the consideration of new rules which were on the panel’s agenda that afternoon. The section of the new rules that need to be…