Vermont, Vermont


Ed Van Dorn

Slip and Fall Injuries in Vermont

A client asked us about her legal rights when she slipped on ice in front of a supermarket and sustained serious personal injury including a broken pelvis. Generally speaking supermarkets will carry insurance for these incidents but will only pay a claim if the supermarket was negligent in maintaining its premises. Simply stated negligence means that the supermarket acted unreasonably under the…

Chrissie Cole

Woman Suing Big Lots for Slip & Fall

A Berkeley County woman is suing the national retail store, Big Lots, after she injured herself when slipping and falling on the floor.Aline E. Valentin-Dunsmuir was a customer at Big Lots in June 2005. While she was there she slipped and fell on an unknown substance.”The substance which was on the floor was in the nature of a hidden danger, trap, snare, pitfall or the like, “the lawsuit, filed…

Chrissie Cole

Slip-and-Fall Suit Filed

A Kanawha County woman is suing a pharmacy for not maintaining the floor in a safe condition that caused her to slip and fall.On November 14th, Ann Hines filed her lawsuit against Fruth Pharmacy in Kanawha Circuit Court. Hines says Fruth had a duty to not expose its visitors to injury while they are exercising ordinary care with their own safety. The alleged incident happened on November 14th,…