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Rob Curtiss

A Big Pay Day for Enron Stockholders' Lawyers

Despite our best efforts to educate the public about the economics of contingent fee law practice, a great many people still believe that lawyer’s fees are outrageous. Folks of this ilk will have a field day with the fee being sought by the San Diego law firm that represented the defrauded Enron stockholders. That firm, Coughlin Stoia, Geller, Rudman and Robbins just put in a request a…

Rob Curtiss

Insurance Companies Only Respect a Law Firm That is Prepared to do Battle

Did you ever see the movie “Bravehart?” Early in the film the English and Scots armies are squared off against each other in battle formation. Just when a fight seems inevitable, small negotiating teams from both sides ride out to meet each other. At this tense point, with the hostile armies on the verge of confrontation, the negotiators work out a settlement between the Scots and English…

Rob Curtiss

John Edwards, Taking Heat for Being a Trial Lawyer

Several of the major presidential candidates: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani to name a few are lawyers by training. Thus far I don’t recall any of these individuals have been attacked because they are attorneys. However, another candidate John Edwards has been vilified for some time because of his profession. You see, Edwards is not just a lawyer he is a “trial…

Rob Curtiss

Remember Our Soldiers and Disabled Veterans During the Holiday Season

During this holiday season it is important to remember our men and women in uniform as well as our disabled veterans. We all realize that the sacrifices they make allow the rest of us to enjoy the Christmas season in safety. In this firm we feel this debt acutely. Our office manager, Shelly, lost a beloved family member who was serving in Iraq. We have also had the pleasure, over the years of…

Rob Curtiss

Psychological and Emotional Injuries Can Disable Accident Victims From Working

Most of us realize that people who suffer serious physical injuries in accidents often are unable to continue working. In my career as a personal injury lawyer however, I have also represented many people with psychological or emotional injuries that are just as incapacitating. For instance, accident victims who have sustained psychological injuries like posttraumatic stress disorder or other…

Rob Curtiss

Giving a Deposition in Your Personal Injury Case

Many people are aware that if they bring a claim for personal injury they will eventually have to give a deposition. This means that the lawyer from the insurance company gets to question them and a court reporter records the questions and answers. The idea of giving a deposition is so intimidating to some people that it makes them shy away from bringing a personal injury claim. At Van Dorn…

Rob Curtiss

Tragic House Fire Kills 7 College Age Young People

A tragic recent house fire in Ocean Isle, South Carolina took the lives of seven college students. We join everyone in mourning the passing of these young people whose promising lives were just beginning. As attorneys for victims we are also committed to advancing awareness of public safety issues. Hopefully the already commenced investigation will identify the cause of this tragic fire. When…

Ed Van Dorn

Preventing Hunting Accidents

Most hunting accidents can be avoided. Hunters moving into the line of fire of other hunters, and mistaking other hunters for game are among the most common causes of hunting accidents. Wearing flourescent orange greatly reduces the risk of accident. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is urging hunters to include some fluorescent hunter orange clothing with their other essential gear….

Rob Curtiss

Congratulations To The Boston Red Sox.

Although it has nothing to do with the business of representing personal injury victims, our firm wishes to applaud the achievements of the Boston Red Sox. Remember that three years ago, the Red Sox had not won a world championship within almost anybody’s memory (unless that anybody was in their nineties). Now, they are in a good position to win their second World Series in four years. The…

Rob Curtiss

Sexual Harassment Victims Can Fight Back in Court

Recently, a federal jury awarded a former New York Knicks female executive $11.6 million in damages in her sexual harassment lawsuit. The jury found that Madison Square Garden had both subjected the women to a hostile work environment and retaliated against her when she complained.I have represented several victims of sexual harassment over the years. These victims are always nervous at the…