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Chrissie Cole

Heated Jackets and Vests Recalled

Ardica Technologies, in cooperation with the CPSC and Health Canada, announced a recall of Jackets and Vests with Moshi Power Systems because the electrical connection can overheat, posing a burn…

Chrissie Cole

Parachute Hammocks Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

Travel Hammock Inc (dba Grand Trunk) announced a voluntary recall of Single and Double "Parachute" Hammocks because the supporting hooks can fail, posing a fall hazard to users.

Chrissie Cole

Pacifiers Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

OKK Trading of Los Angeles, in conjunction with The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced a voluntary recall of Baby Necessities Pacifiers.

The pacifiers are banned under…

Rob Curtiss

Steroids are a Danger to the Players as Well as to the Game

With the long awaited release of the Mitchell Report, many baseball fans are weighing in on the way illegal steroid use has changed our national game. One intense area of focus is whether record setting steroid users (most homeruns, etc.) should be considered in a separate category from ballplayers who set records without resorting to performance enhancers.One issue that seems to get passed…

Rob Curtiss

An Accident Can Spoil Your Holidays

Driving during the Christmas season can be rough. Roads are congested with shoppers. Motorists heading home after holiday parties may have had an eggnog or two. The season itself seems to add to some people’s stress level.That is why it is important to drive extra cautiously at Christmas time. Having represented several people who were seriously injured in Christmas time car collisions, I can…

Courtney Mills

Wal-Mart Removed Toxic Doggie Treats From Shelves

The Associated Press reported that amidst venting of complaints from consumers about dog treats that made their pets ill, the retail chain has tidily pulled the doggie treats from shelves without announcing a formal recall.Wal Mart removed Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Jerky, both imports of China, from shelves, on July 26, according to reports. As a further safeguard to the public, Wal Mart…

Ed Van Dorn

Avandia and Personal Injury

Yet another drug maker has come under attack for not disclosing that one of its drugs may cause serious heart problems. This time its the drug Avandia and the maker is GlaxoSmithKline. Today’s New York Times reports about this dangerous drugA federal drug safety official recommended during an advisory committee hearing today that Avandia, a controversial diabetes medicine made by…

Chrissie Cole

Product Liability Lawsuit Overturned

A Washington appeals court has ruled a manufacturer did indeed bare the responsibility of warning a plaintiff of potential asbestos exposure even when the manufacturer’s water evaporator used on Navy ships did not contain asbestos.The ruling stems from a product liability lawsuit brought upon by a man that was diagnosed with lung cancer and asbestos-related disease back in 2000.Simonetta worked…