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Victims of Multiple Auto Accidents Have Unique Challenges in Getting Justice

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Over my career, I have represented quite a few people for injuries they suffered in multiple car accidents. This type of client presents some unique challenges for a victim’s lawyer particularly if the injuries suffered in both accidents are similar and the accidents occurred fairly close to each other in time.

What makes these cases difficult is that the insurance company defending the first accident is sure to blame everything on the second accident and vice versa. Accordingly, it is very important to have your medical expert be as specific as possible about which injuries are attributable to which accident. Another important consideration is whether the cases can be joined, meaning whether both accident cases can be tried to the same jury at the same time. This makes it easier for the victim because the jury is able to calculate the total amount of their damages and then apportion the appropriate percentage of responsibility between the individuals who caused the accidents. Even when this is not possible, we have dedicated ourselves to getting fair justice for victims who are placed in this difficult situation.

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