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Personal Injury Accident Victims Often Are Mistreated By Their Own Insurance Companies.

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Many injury victims are hurt through the negligence of individuals who are either uninsured or have minimal insurance. Under these unfortunate circumstances an injury victim is entitled to bring a claim against their own insurance company.

If the driver who caused his/her injuries has no insurance or assets, the injury victim brings what is called an “uninsured motorist claim.” If the negligent driver has minimal insurance, the victim brings an “underinsured motorist claim.”

In both of these cases, the victim’s insurance company “steps into the shoes” so to speak of the negligent driver and is responsible for paying benefits to it’s customer or “insured” up to the limit of available coverage under the policy (often $100,000.00). The problem is that insurance companies are often just as resistant to paying their own insureds’ legitimate claims as they are to paying other types of claims. Often insurance companies force their own insureds to go through an arbitration or sometimes even a trial to collect the benefits these injury victims are entitled to. At Van Dorn and Curtiss we are dedicated to helping individuals who are being treated unfairly by their own insurance companies just as we are to helping individuals who are being treated unfairly by the insurance companies of the people who have injured them.

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