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Kudos to Bennington PD for Car Accident Prevention Efforts

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We would like to congratulate the Bennington Police Department for receiving recognition by the Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program for its traffic safety record. Paul Doucette, Jr., a lieutenant in the Bennington PD responded to the award saying: “It was the highest score ever seen in the Vermont Law Enforcement Challenge. We couldn’t do it without our dispatchers giving us the information. We couldn’t do it without the community’s support.”

The full article in the Bennington Banner states:

The BPD’s entry, which was a 100-plus page booklet, supplied judges with information show how the BPD’s traffic safety efforts have paid off, said Doucette. Seat belt compliance has jumped from about 80 percent in 2004 to about 90 percent in 2006.

As personal injury lawyers we are constantly faced with situations where people are seriously injured due to avoidable accidents. While our business is representing those people and making sure they get just and fair compensation from the insurance companies responsible for making payment our concern is public safety. Our increased awareness of the tragedies caused by avoidable car accidents make us very sensitve to safety issues especially concerning our roadways. So, we congratulate the Bennington Police Department and commend them for the lives they are saving as a result of the good work they do. We hope they set an example for local police departments throughout the state.

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