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Juries Respect Victims Who Keep Working

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Recently, a 101 year old man named Ray Jenkins has gotten a lot of publicity for being the oldest American still working. Mr. Jenkins, who is exceptionally modest, doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. I think what people find so inspiring about him is that he’s overcome the odds and continued to be productive.

I have had the privilege of representing many people who were seriously injured in car accidents yet continued to work fulltime. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard insurance company lawyers tell juries that the victim must be o.k. because they were able to keep working, etc. But I’ve also seen juries give substantial damage awards to victims who stayed on the job because the jury respected what that said about the victims as people. Of course, I’ve also represented accident victims who were hurt so seriously that they were unable to return to work despite their desire to do so but that is another topic.

So congratulations to Mr. Jenkins and to all people who are able to keep working against the odds. For more about Mr. Jenkins please visit the following sites:



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